You're about [[halfway]] back home from the grocery store, and you're soaking wet from the rain. The sky is pitch black even though it's mid-afternoon; you hope you get back home soon. (set: $tookMoney = false)You're so fucking excited to get home and binge on snacks. Fuck this creepy, soaking wet walk back to the house. Wait, what was that sound? Something was rustling in the bushes near the road. Probably a [[cat]] or something.You keep trudging down the road.. a little bit closer to home. The rain's not too heavy anymore. You step on something.. It's a fancy [[wallet]].(Display: "wallet description") (Link: "Take it.")[(Set: $tookMoney = true)(Goto:"took the money")] (Link: "Leave it.")[(Set: $tookMoney = false)(Goto:"left the money")](Display: "wallet description") You leave the money where you found it, in a fancy wallet on the side of the road. Bye money. :( [[Keep walking|after wallet]](Display: "wallet description") You pocket the fancy wallet and the cash. FUCK. YES. [[Keep walking|after wallet]]It's a red leather wallet... No ID or credit cards. Just some gift cards and.. Fifteen hundred-dollar bills. Holy shit.Almost [[home]].Back home. Time to dry off, eat something warm, and hang out with your lil furry buds. (if:$tookMoney is true)[Then you can share the good money news and smoke a metric shitload of weed.](else:)[You almost contemplate going back for that money.]